Vending Machine Service

soda and snack machines for your facility

Selecting a vending machine service for your business is more than just vending equipment. We provide outstanding customer service to support our vending network. Our employees are trained to be polite, courteous and attend to the details. We pay attention to our work, so your employees, clients and guests feel good about the products they purchase.

Because we’re locally owned, you’ll get the attention you deserve instead of being treated like a number.

Give us a call today for a free proposal for vending services at your company.

Here’s what you’ll love about AlphaSource Vending

  • No cost, well maintained soda and snack machines
  • Worry free service
  • Wide variety of products
  • Well stocked selections
  • Cutting edge technology that ensures trouble free vending
  • Friendly, attentive staff
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Locally owned business
  • Value

Contact us at or (316) 882-7002

AlphaSource Cafe

a micro market, self-checkout convenience store for your breakroom!

Our convenient self-checkout micro markets provide your staff and guests with a huge variety of selections that traditional vending machines just can’t provide. That means we can offer something for everyone in one easy to use service!

  • No fees and no costs. There is no cost for delivery, setup, and service of AlphaSource Café.
  • Self-Checkout Convenience – Bring the convenience of our self-checkout micro market to your breakroom. This quick, easy and attractive service replaces traditional vending machines with a self-checkout kiosk that provides your staff and guest with a vast selection of products to choose from and the benefit of never having an item stuck in the machine!
  • Huge Variety – AlphaSource Café gives your breakroom options that fit everyone.
  • Great HR Benefit – Our staff can work with you to provide employee incentives packages that allow you to reward achievements and incentivize staff.
  • Healthy Selections –Our product lineup features a wide range of options that just don’t fit in a vending machine like Kar’s Unsalted Almond and Cashew mix, Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, Belvita Breakfast Bars, Boulder Canyon Chips and other items along with the traditional options people expect. We truly offer something for everyone!
  • Cashless Convenience – With self-checkout convenience commonplace in every supermarket, we bring the same technology to the breakroom with an easy-to-use self-checkout micro market that features plenty of selections for staff and visitors to enjoy.
  • 24/7 monitoring – We monitor our markets to provide the safety and security you want.
  • Incredible Value – Valuing your employees also means looking out for their interests. As a locally owned business our streamlined processes build value into each and every product we offer.
  • Attractive Fixtures and Beverage Coolers – We use high quality, attractive fixtures and coolers that beautify your breakroom and make it an enjoyable place for employees and clients to stop for a break and grab a snack or afternoon refreshment.

Contact us at or (316) 882-7002

Vending Machine Sales & Repair

repair services for machines you own and operate

Do you own and operate your own vending equipment? AlphaSource Vending can also help support your inhouse vending services. We sell, maintain and repair vending machines for clients throughout Kansas that want to operate their own vending service. We can service nearly any make and model of soda and snack vending machines including:

  • Dixie Narco Soda Machines
  • Automated Products – AP Vending Machines
  • AMS
  • National
  • Royal Vendors
  • Vendo Sanden
  • USI
  • Wittern Group
  • Selectivend
  • Seaga
  • Speed Queen
  • Huebsch
  • MEI
  • Conlux
  • CoinCo
  • Nayax

Contact us at or (316) 882-7002

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for Vending service?

There is absolutely no cost to your company for service. All our profits are derived from sales in our machines ensuring we keep your machines filled and well stocked!

Do your machines accept credit cards?

All our machines are equipped to receive all types of payments including coins, cash, credit cards and mobile payments. We utilize the very latest technology with full PCI Compliance, ensuring your credit card transactions are safe and secure.

what makes AlphaSource Vending better?

As a locally owned business, we’ve grown based on the word of mouth of our clients. By delivering outstanding service to our clients we ensure they’re satisfied day in and day out and willing to recommend us to others!

We really would like a micro market. Can AlphaSource Vending do that?

Absolutely, we deploy the latest in technology for our self-checkout markets ensuring they’re reliable and secure.

What products does AlphaSource Vending offer?

We carry all major brands of products including Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7up and many others.